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Old Groundhog Beer

Brewed with the finest natural ingredients we could afford and aged for several months in an old tree stump, Old Groundhog’s earthy, robust flavor is almost certain to rouse your dormant taste buds from their state of slumber. That’s why we call it “the hibernation libation.” It’s a pretty darn good beer, all things considered.


Why Call it Old Groundhog?

Why not? If somebody can name a wimpy brew we won’t mention after an insipid crimson canine, then we can certainly name our delectable quaff after one of America’s most noble native creatures.



We are not in any way associated with Groundhog Day or Punxsutawney, Pa.  No disrespect intended toward Punxsutawney Phil, since he has brought notoriety to the species, but he isn’t the only short-legged rodent in the woods, you know.


And as far as we’re concerned, Phil knows as much about brewing beer as we know about predicting the weather. Actually, we’re not all that sure Phil has any talent in that regard either but he has managed to keep his name in the press for a hundred years or so and that should count for something.


Brewing Methods

Don’t even ask. We have no intention of revealing anything about our secret recipe, which has been handed down from one generation to another, without spilling a drop, we might add. So go make up your own beer recipe.

We can tell you that Old Groundhog is a porter-style brew containing chocolate malt, which contributes to its wonderfully dark color and rich, full-bodied flavor that’s a tad sweeter than amber-colored beers.

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